About Us

NG for Innovation are Egyptian company founded in 2018 at Alexandria, Egypt.
We're a premier provider of distinguished training and educational services. We specialize in diversifying and developing training programs according to the latest scientific methods and standards, ensuring they meet the actual needs of society.

Our focus extends to meeting the requirements of institutions in both the public and private sectors, delivering the highest quality standards through our team of experts and consultants. Through strategic partnerships with government and private agencies, we strive to achieve the greatest possible benefit and facilitate the exchange of experiences. At NG for Innovation, excellence and collaboration drive our commitment to empowering individuals and communities through education and skill development.



Innovating the best ways and means to support the skills of developing the performance of the human element, which we believe is the most important element of community development.


To be able to provide world-class training programs and consulting services through a wide range of experts and international partnerships.


Empowering individuals for community development through skill enhancement and professional growth. We offer tailored training programs and expert consultations, leveraging international partnerships, technology, and continuous improvement to ensure innovation and impact.